In the Thermenmuseum you can admire the remains of a Roman bathhouse. The collection contains approximately 30.000 objects and still new findings are added to the collection. The Roman bathhouse was dicovered in 1940 and since 1977 it is covered.

Unique in The Netherlands.

The bath house, or “Thermae” as the Romans called it, is the biggest and best preserved Roman archeological monument in The Netherlands. At the time, it was located in the center of Heerlen. This was a perfect location, because every day many soldiers, passengers and merchants passed.

From the walking bridge you have a great view on the remains. The museum gives an insight into the dayly live in Roman times. The exhibition answers the question what the Romans’ arrival meant for South Limburg.



The Roman heritage of Coriovallum is presented and preserved by the museum. The site itself is the predecessor of the current town of Heerlen and presents many items that were found in the direct vicinity.

The Thermenmuseum is in charge of preserving and managing the Roman heritage. In this way the heritage is guaranteed to be kept in excellent condition for the public to enjoy.

history of Roman times

Walking bridge

Practical info:

Opening hours:
Tuesday till Friday: from 10:00 am – 17:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: from 12:00 – 17:00 pm

– Mondays
– 24, 25, 31 December, 1 Januari, Carnival

The Thermenmuseum is wheelchair accessible.

Coriovallumstraat 9
6411 CA Heerlen
Tel.: 0031-(0)455605100