The Thermae 2000 are located on top of the Cauberg in Valkenburg aan de Geul. The spa includes a 4-star hotel and lifestyle area where guest are given advise about nutrition, exercise and recreation.

Wellness day.

Leave your phone and laptop at home. Just bring a magazine or book and relax.
Thermae 2000 has a lot to offer. Next to the thermal pools, there is an outdoor pool with 32° warm water. Especially in winter, this is a fantastic experience. Further there are several whirlpools with powerful massage jets and an excersize pool.

In one of the nine sauna’s you can rest and enjoy the silence. Imagine yourself in Finland in the Finish Ruusu sauna, or experience the sauna in the traditional way in the outdoor sauna.

Ofcourse your wellness day is not complete without a relaxing massage. There is a whole “menu” of massages that you can choose from, from foot reflex massage to hot stone massage and more.

Outdoor pool, 32°C

Special water.

The Thermae 2000 is build on 3 sources. The thermal spring water of Thermae 2000 comes from deep springs that have been hidden in the calcareous soil in Limburg for over 40.000 years. Therefore it is not contaminated and rich in minerals. The thermal water is pumped from 381 meter depth and comes from an underground lake which extends to the old vulcanic areas in Germany.

thermal spring water

The thermal water of the Cauberg has a therapeutical effect on the muscles and joints. It can alleviate the pain for people with rheumatism and it has a very relaxing effect for everyone.


What is spa?

The word spa is an abbreviation for Sanus Per Aqua, meaning: healthy through water. The ancient Romans came up with this abbreviation. The curing in special water dates from the ancient Greek and Romans till 2500 B.C. That’s also the period when ‘Sana in Corpero Sano’ came to existence, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

a healthy mind in a healthy body

This philosophy was the fundamental idea when the founders of Thermae 2000 started their search for thermal water. Health Resorts were originally visited for medical reasons. Later on these Health Resorts have grown to social meeting points. Nowadays these Health Resorts have become a total relaxation point with treatments, massages and beauty salons.

Outdoor pool by night

Practical info:

Price info:
Day ticket (09:00h – 23:00h) € 32,50
Morning entrance (09:00h – 13:00h) € 21,50
Evening entrance (17:00h – 23:00h) € 22,50
There are discounted prices for students.

For price info of the various services, please visit the Thermae website.
There is no need to book a visit to the pools. For special treatments (e.g. massage) it is advised to make reservations in advance.

Opening hours:
Daily from 09:00h – 23:00h

There is a third party parking lot with a maximum daily rate of € 8,00.

Cauberg 25-27
6301 BT, Valkenburg aan de Geul
Tel: +31-(0)43-6092000