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Bisschopsmolen – Maastricht

This water mill is located in the center of Maastricht. He was build in the 7th century but the current name was first mentioned...

Farm and local history museum – Schimmert

The farm and local history museum (Boerderij- en heemkundemuseum) in Schimmert is accommodated in an old farm. It shows an extensive after-war collection of...

Former NATO Headquarters – Maastricht

For years it was the best kept secret in The Netherlands: a former NATO headquarters inside a mountain on the Dutch-Belgian border during the...

Museum De Locht – Melderslo

Museum de Locht collects and exhibits objects related to occupations, crafts and culture of North Limburg from earlier times. There is special attention for the...

Historical Printing Museum – Maastricht

The Museum of the Art of Printing  is situated in the centre of Maastricht. This charming museum is located in a 19th-century house with...

Treasury of Saint Servaas – Maastricht

The treasury of the basilica of Saint Servaas is a museum of religious art and artifacts in Maastricht. The treasure room contains some objects...

Museum of Natural History – Maastricht

In the city center of Maastricht you will find the Museum of Natural History (Natuurhistorisch Museum). It is a great place for kids to...

Thermenmuseum – Heerlen

In the Thermenmuseum you can admire the remains of a Roman bathhouse. The collection contains approximately 30.000 objects and still new findings are added...

Caves – Maastricht

Maastricht has 2 tunnel systems: Caves North and Zonneberg Caves. Both are big tunnel systems in the hill of mount Sint Pieter and are formed...

Limburgs Museum – Venlo

The Limburgs Museum is a dynamic cultural history museum for families. It tells the story of Limburg an her inhabitants. The Limburg Museum is one...




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