Space Jump is the nicest indoor trampoline park of Limburg. It is so much fun! You can train to become fit or you can improve your skills and learn the best tricks to impress your friends.


In the foampit area you can walk a slackline. Can you keep your balance?
It is a good area to try your new tricks, because the foam blocks will ensure a soft landing. Another areas to try new skills is the airbag area. Use a trampoline or jump from a hight and have a gentle fall on the airbag.

In the dodgeball area you can play ball games. But in contrast to an ordinary basket ball court, here you can “fly” to the baskets.

And for the more experienced jumpers, there is a high performance area with extra powerfull trampolines. Here you can make tripple front flips and double back flips like a pro.

For those who do not master these comlicated flips yet, there is the free jumping area with 39 connected trampolines and trampoline walls. Everyone can go crazy here!

Space Jump Kerkrade
Space Jump Parkstad

Practical info.

To ensure the safety of you and your fellow jumpers, please follow the safety instructions.

You are required to wear special Space Jump socks.
You can buy them for 2 euro and reuse them.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 10:30h – 22:00h
Saturday – Sunday 09:30h – 22:00h
The latest jump session starts at 21:00h

Monday and Tuesday:
1 hour: €6,50
2 hours: €12,00

Wednesday – Sunday
Monday and Tuesday during school holidays
1 hour: €8,50
2 hours: €16,00

The parking is free of charge.

Roda J.C. Ring 2K
6466 NH, Kerkrade
Tel.: +31-(0)45-7400004