The Pieterpad is a long distance walk.
A long distance walk is a walk of more than 100 km and does not end at the starting point.

From north to south or vice versa.

The Pieterpad starts in Pieterburen in the north of Groningen and leads you all the way south to the Sint-Pietersberg in south Limburg. It is the longest uninterrupted walking route of The Netherlands (498km).
But of course you can also start the route in Maastricht and walk to Pieterburen.

Along the route

A great experience.

But the route is not about distance. It is an experience! And there is a lot to see. The landscape is very diverse and every region has its own architectural style, culture, dialect, industry, local products, etc…
The Pieterpad will lead you through flat landscape, a river valley and hilly areas. And time after time new flora and fauna will be introduced to you.


Printed guides of the Pieterpad are available online or in a bookstore. Also most of the VVV tourist offices along the route will offer the guide.
Unfortunately the guide is only available in Dutch. But also if you do not speak Dutch it is easy to follow the route and walk the Pieterpad. The guide contains a lot of topografic maps as well. And on top of that, the route is marked in the field.

Pieterpad map
Pieterpad crossing The Netherlands

For more information about the walk, suggestions for acommodation, etc. please visit the website.