Mondo Verde in Landgraaf combines beautifull theme gardens with animals and amusement. This park has something for everyone.

Rain forest.

You can experience the tropical rain forest with many original plants and animals. Regular rain showers ensure that the necessary humidity level is maintained, which is crusial for most of the tropical plants.
Close your eyes for a while and listen to the sound of the forest. You will imagine yourself deep in the Asian rain forests.

Gardens of the world.

The gardens of the word are devided in different themes. One moment you are in Italy and the next moment you are in Japan. Make some pictures in Morocco and have a walk in Russia, Spain and China. This is only possibe in Mondo Verde.

Japanese Garden


In recent years Mondo Verde has become the home of many different animals. The Bengal tigers and lions draw the attention. But there is so much more to see, from monkeys to reptiles and from fishes to caimans. You can learn all about them in the park.

Gardens – Zoo – amusement

Bird paradise

Bird paradise,

Mondo Verde has the biggest European aviary of Europe. Bird lovers from all around come to see the great variety of birds that live here in their natural habitat.
This habitat is created by streams and beaches where the birds grow well and reproduce. The finches, listers and sparrows have a stable population that maintains itself, which is unique in captivity.


After the rain forest experience, a nice and quite walk through the gardens and learning all about the animals it is time for some action! Take a ride in the roller coaster. Or ignore all trafic rules in the bumper cars. Or my personal favourite, hop on board of the Nautic Jet.

Animal Park

Practical info:

Open every day from 10:00 a.m.
Business hours in accordance with the season.
Fur further info see the website.

Groene Wereld 10
6372PW Landgraaf
Tel: +31-(0)455350161