GaiaZoo is a modern zoo that facilitates contact between human and animal. On top of that, education about animals and the preservation of nature and species are important.

Breath-taking world of animals and nature.

In GaiaZoom you will meet the world’s most beautiful animals eye to eye. Get close to mighty gorillas, impressive rhinos, stately giraffes, lightning-fast cheetahs and the kings of all animals: the impressive lions.
Look up and see the squirrel monkeys climb through the branches above your head.


Exotic animals.

You will also meet exotic and less-known animals and learn about their behaviour and habitats. For example the muskox. They live in herds in the Northern parts of Siberia, Greenland and Alaska. The hairs of their fur can grow up to 1m to protect them from the cold. In winter they dig through snow to reach food..

1.000 special animals in one day

GaiaZOO is an unforgettable experience for young and old. There are approximately 1000 animals living in the zoo. About 100 species are represented. It is a great diverity of animals like monkeys, birds, predators, ungulates and other animals like fishes, frogs, etc…

GaiaZOO – Giraffe

Bring your camera.

Keep your camera (or smartphone) stand-by, because you can take fabulous pictures and films in the zoo. The animals will pose for you! Don’t miss that crazy smile from a monkey or giraffe sticking out his tongue. Or capture the amazing colors of the birds. These pictures will be the perfect souvenir to remember a great day at the zoo.


It is possible to book a guided tour. The guide will show you the most beautiful spots of the zoo and explain everything about the different animals. The costs of the 2 hour tour are € 50,- for a group of max. 20 people. The amount is will be donated to the Gaia Nature Fund.

1.000 special animals in one day

For young visitors.

For the kids, GaiaZOO offers a real play paradise with our giant DinoDome. It is Europe’s largest indoor Dino play park. In the JungleTour they can climb over exciting rope bridges and high climbing towers. They discover the desert island were dino’s come to live again.
And at the petting zoo children can cuddle the animals as much as they like.


Practical info:

Ticket prices can vary from day to day. Check the website for the current prices.

Price indication:
0-2 years: free
3-9 years: € 16,50
10+: € 20,50

Opening hours:
Mar. / Apr. / Jun.: 10:00h – 17:00h
Jul. / Aug.: 10:00h – 18:00h
Sep. / Oct.: 10:00h – 17:00h
Nov. / Dec. / Jan. / Feb.: 10:00h – 16:00h

GaiaZoo has its own parking lot near the entrance. Parking tickets are available at the ticket office and and the ticket machine.
Parking with day tickets: € 7,50
Parking with season tickets: € 5,00

It is not allowed to bring animals (not even guide dogs) into the park.

Dentgenbachweg 105
6468PG Kerkrade
Tel.: +31-(0)45-5676070