The fort is situated on the Mount St. Pieter (Sint Pietersberg). From here you have a fantastic panoramic view on the city of Maastricht. It is also a good starting point for a walk over the mountain.

Strategic location.

Maastricht was sieged several times in history. In 1673 the city was sieged by the French by Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great (Louis le Grand) or the Sun King (le Roi Soleil). The city was attacked from the mountain. That was the reason for the commanding officer Daniël Wolf van Dopff to start building the fort.

In 1794 the French sieged the city again. They tried to blow up the fort from the caves underneath the fort. The fort survived, but in the end the city still had to surrender. There is still traces of these explotions visible in the caves.


Tourist attraction.

After the French left, the fort was modernised. Maastricht became an important fortified town in the new Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Finally the fortification of the city was ended in 1867 and the fort was sold.

Recently the fort has been restored and can be visited by tourist.

Canon from Fort St. Pieter


You can only access the fort with a tour guide. During the guided tour of approximately 1:15h you can see the loopholes, mortal galleries, secret water well and underground tunnels. And ofcourse the view from the highest point of Maastricht is spectacular!



The surroundings of the fort are beautiful and certainly worth a visit. There are several walking routes that will lead you along the ENCI mines, the ruins of castle Lichtenberg, the vineyards, etc. You might end up in Belgium because the border is close.

The nature around the fort is well taken care of. There are many plants and animals that you will not find elsewhere in The Netherlands.

Fort St. Pieter

Practical info:

The fort is not wheelchair and stroller/baby buggy accessible.

Adults: € 6,60
Children 4-12 year: € 5,20
Tickets are available on the website (see below) or at the VVV tourist office in the city center of Maastricht or at the ticket office (limited availablity).

Sint-Pietersberg, Fort Sint Pieter
Luikerweg 80
6212 NH, Maastricht