The triple border point in Vaals is the place where Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany come together. There is no admission fee nor closing hours.
Next to the tripoint there is a big playground for kids and a picnic area for families. Both are open all year and free of charge.
Other attractions at the triple border point are a labyrinth, panorama tower, restaurant, snackbar and terrace. Besides it is a perfect starting point for a walk or bicycle tour in this beautiful area.

Fun facts.

You will see several border markers. The ones on the picture above this post, are former border markers of the triple border point. The real triple border point is located 50m from here and is marked by a landmark from 1926. A bit confusing, so be sure to make your selfie with the correct border marker!

The triple border point is located at the Vaalserberg. This is the highest point (323m) of The Netherlands, if we exclude a vulcan on Saba in the Dutch Caribbean.

From 1816 to 1920 there was a fourth country called Neutral Moresnet. After World War I, it became Belgium territory.

Wilhelmina Tower Skywalk, Vaals

A perfect view.

Already in 1905 the first wooden belvedere was build. It was named after Queen Wilhelmina. During the World War II, the tower was destroyed. It was rebuild later and in 2011 it was replaced by a new tower with Skywalk.
On the Belgium side of the border, there is the King Boudewijn Tower. It is a 50m high tower for tourists, which offers a wonderful and very far reaching round view.


If you want to have a good view on the 3 countries (Belgium, Netherlands and Germany), you can climb the Wilhelmina tower. On top of the 34 meter high tower with Skywalk you will have a spectacular view.
You can buy an entrance token in one of the restaurants (Restaunt de WilhelminaToren or Restaurant De Bokkerijder) for 3 euro.
The Wilhelmina tower is open every day from 10:00h – 20:00h.

Labyrinth, Drielandenpunt, Vaals


Find your way to the centre of the labyrinth. You’ll face some fun challenges like unexpected water walls.

Opening hours:
In the period April 1 till November 1, the labyrinth and souvenir shop are open every day from 10:00h till 18:00h.
The ticket office closes at 17:00h.

From November 1 till April 1, the labyrinth opens in good weather in holidays and weekends.

4-11 years: € 4,00 p.p.
12-64 years: € 5,00 p.p.
65+ :: € 4,00 p.p.
Online tickets are cheaper. Check out the website: 

Viergrenzenweg 97
6291 BM Vaals