Discover the world of mining in a mysterious underground setting.

Guided tour.

The tour starts with an introduction film in the underground cinema room. You will see the unique promotional video of the Statemines (DSM) in the 60’s. This film gives a good impression of all aspects of the former mining industry in Limburg.

After the introduction film, a tour guide will take you to the world of mining. All tour guides are ex mine-workers, come from mine-worker families or have special ties to the world of mining. Their, sometimes personal, stories will give an real insight into the impressive and hard life of the mine-workers. The mining experience is complete with demonstrations of the machines that were used to extract coal.


Practical info:

The Mines are accessible for wheelchair users.

Children: 0 – 3 year: free
Children: 4 – 12 year: 6,75 euro
Adults: 9,25 euro
65+: 8,50 euro
Discount: Limburgpas, CJP-pas.

Daalhemerweg 31
6301 BJ Valkenburg aan de Geul

Tel.: +31-(0)43-601 24 91