The City Park of Maastricht is kind of a belt-shaped park composed of several separated parks.

Several parks.

Since 1706 the park has undergone several transformations.
Nowadays one part is an English landscape park. It includes a pond with foutains, nice lawns with winding walks and beautiful old and rare trees. In another part several antique canons are lined up. And a bit further there is a deer park and aviary with birds.

Defense wall in City Park Maastricht

At one end of the park you can cross a busy street (Prins Bisschopsingel) to enter another park called Waldeckpark. If you cross the walking bridge over the Maas at the other end of the park, you reach the Charles Eyckpark in Ceramique.

Monseigneur Nolenspark


Especially on sunny days it can be busy in the park. Teeners playing soccer, students gathering, families having a picninc and elderly people resting on a bench. In winter the pond might freeze and you can skate. Every season has its own fantastic sights.


You will find several statues in the park, for example d’Artagnan, one of the three musketeers.
Till 1993 the park had a bear pit with 2 bears. After the last bear left the pit, a work of art in the shape of a dead giraffe was placed in the pit. It represents the  extincted animals.
And on different locations in the park you can see old canons and parts of the historic defense walls.

City Park Maastricht


Children will enjoy feeding the animals in the park. There are deers, swans, ducks, pigeons and an aviary with a viriety of birds.

Practical info.

The park is always open and there is no admission fee.
It is wheelchair accessible.

In the park there is a bar in the former millitary baracks of the Tapijnkazerne.