Come and see the latest art house movie in Lumière.


The cinema Lumière recently moved to her location in the Sphinx area near the city center. The building (1910) served as power plant for the local industry. The industrial look is preserved during the restauration of the building.

Interior Restaurant Cafe Lumière (photo: Philip Driessen)

What’s in a name?

The name “Lumière” is derived from the brothers Lumière. In the year 1895 they invented the cinematograph, the first motion picture film camera, which also served as a film projector. They are considered the founders of the cinema.

300 films per year

Cinema Lumière in Bassin (photo: Philip Driessen)

Art house.

Lumière is well known for showing art house films. But they also program Oscar winners, classic movies and documentaries. Furthermore they organise special activities, festivals and events, often in cooperation with cultural and social organisations.

Bar & restaurant.

In the Bar Restaurant you can enjoy a three-course dinner, fast food or just a drink. In summer the Lumière terrace is the perfect place to chill.


Lumière Cafe

Practical info:

Tickets can be bought online or at the ticket office.
It is possible to make telefonic reservations. You can reach Lumière on:
Monday – Friday from 13:00h – 22:00h
Saturday and Sunday from 11:00h – 22:00h
Please keep in mind that tickets need to be collected at the ticket office latest 15 minutes before the film starts.

The cinema does not have a parking. You can use the public parking on the streets or one of the parkings nearby:

  • Parking Sphinx-Terrein, Frontensingel, 6211 Maastricht
  • Q-Park (Bassin), Maastrichter Grachtstraat 21

Lumière offers a variety of services to help Guests with disabilities or special needs.
For further info, please visit the website.

Lumière Cinema Restaurant Café
Bassin 88
6211 AK Maastricht
Tel.: 0031-(0)43-321 40 80