Friday, February 22, 2019

Sunshuttle – Maastricht

Experience the city center of Maastricht with the environmental friendly sunshuttle. The shuttle will take you to the cosy Vrijthof, the characteristic market square,...

Caves – Maastricht

Maastricht has 2 tunnel systems: Caves North and Zonneberg Caves. Both are big tunnel systems in the hill of mount Sint Pieter and are formed...

Rederij Stiphout Boat Trips – Maastricht

Your visit to Maastricht is not complete without a boat trip on the river Maas. From the boat you will have a totally different view...

Drielandenpunt (triple border) – Vaals

The triple border point in Vaals is the place where Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany come together. There is no admission fee nor closing...

City Park – Maastricht

The City Park of Maastricht is kind of a belt-shaped park composed of several separated parks. Several parks. Since 1706 the park has undergone several transformations. Nowadays...

Coal Mine Museum – Valkenburg

Discover the world of mining in a mysterious underground setting. Guided tour. The tour starts with an introduction film in the underground cinema room. You will...

Fort St. Pieter – Maastricht

The fort is situated on the Mount St. Pieter (Sint Pietersberg). From here you have a fantastic panoramic view on the city of Maastricht....

Archaeological Site in Hotel Derlon – Maastricht

In the basement of Hotel Derlon is a small archeological museum. You can see an important excavation from Roman time. Roman sanctuary. In 1983 the hotel...

Basilica of Our Lady – Maastricht

Traditionally the inhabitants of Maastricht have a strong devotion for the virgin Mary, Star of the Sea. A must-see. The beautifull basilica of Our Lady is...




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