The Castle Ruins are one of the most popular attractions of South-Limburg. Once it was a mighty castle, and still the medieval ruins tower above the village and attract many visitors.

Hilltop castle.

The castle of Valkenburg aan de Geul is a very interesting archeological site. It dates from the medieval ages (11th century) and is the only hilltop castle in The Netherlands. Many battles were fought here but in 1672 it was blown up by the army of Stadtholder Willem III. The panoramic view of Valkenburg from the Castle Ruins is unequalled.

Great Hall

Velvet Cave.

Visiting these historic remains of Valkenburg Castle, you can wander from the Great Hall to the defensive towers, from the dungeon to the old chapel, and from the artillery room to the subterranean escape passages to the Velvet Cave.

combination tickets: Castle & Cave

It is a good idea to combine your visit with a visit to the Velvet Cave. Combination tickets are available. The temperature in the Velvet Cave is 12 degrees Celsius all year. Especially during summer, you should take this into account and dress accordingly.



In the medieval ages the castle was sieges several times. The French conquered the city and the castle in 1672. It was part of their strategy to conquer Maastricht.

After the State Troops reconquered the castle, they destroyed it in order to prevent the enemies from using it. It was blown up, but never totally demolished.

The Foundation.

The Foundation of the Castle of Valkenburg is the current owner. Since 1924 they own the castle and aim to preserve the Castle and the Velvet Cave for future generations.

Castle Ruins Valkenburg

Practical info:

Opening hours:

  • July 2017
    July 15 until July 31: 10:00 until 18:30 hour
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Closed on December 25

The Castle Ruins and the restaurant are reachable by elevator, however the Castle Ruins are not fully accessible for less mobile people and wheelchair users.

Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash and behave properly.

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