The Brunssummerheide is a nature reserve between Heerlen, Landgraaf and Brunssum. The visitor center is the starting point for walking routes and other activities.


The area is about 600 hectares and has walking trails, bike paths and horseback trails. There are several walking routes, from 2,5km up to 5km, indicated with colores. One moment you walk in the forest and the other between rolling heathlands. With a bit of luck you may spot a green woodpecker or a sand lizard during this walking route.


The Brunssummerheide is maintained by Natuurmonumenten. This association owns, protects and maintains nature reserves in The Netherlands. With the support of many enhousiastic members, volunteers and sponsors they make sure there are beautiful trails through the reserves for walking, cycling and in some cases even canoeing.
Natuurmonumenten commits to a clean and healthy environment.

Go out, relax and enjoy the landscapes!

Practical info.

There is no admission fee.
Walking routes can be downloaded from the website.

Visitor Center Brunssummerheide
Schaapskooiweg 99
6414 EL, Heerlen
Tel.: +31-(0)45-5630355