The farm and local history museum (Boerderij- en heemkundemuseum) in Schimmert is accommodated in an old farm. It shows an extensive after-war collection of tractors, machinery and utensils.

In the past the season determined what happened in a peasant family that day.
In this cute museum you can relive a piece of Limburg history. Depending on the season, there are demonstration of how farmers plowed, sown, etc in earlier days. And from time to time old crafts like baking pie in a clay oven are demonstrated.

The work in the museum is largely carried out by people with a disability.

Boerderij en heemkundemuseum Schimmert
Demo of baking pie in a clay oven

Practical info.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday and Sunday from 10:00h – 17:00h.
The entrance closes at 16:00h.

Closed on:
Saturdays, Carnival and New Years Day.

Price: 1.50 euro
Children < 5 years: free

Hoofdstraat 36
6333 BJ, Schimmert
The Netherlands
Tel: 045 4041550