This water mill is located in the center of Maastricht. He was build in the 7th century but the current name was first mentioned in the eleventh century.


He was then in the possession of Godfrey of Bouillon, who had pledged him to the Prince Bishop. After the death of the duke, his possessions were transferred to the Prince Bishop of Liege, who, together with the Duke of Brabant, governed the city. The mill of the duke lay upstream on the northern branch of the Jeker. Both mills came into the possession of the Guild of Brewers at the beginning of the fifteenth century. All Maastricht beer brewers were obliged to grind the malt in one of these mills.

The malt is the most important ingredient for the brewing process. It consists of germinated barley grains, which have been dried to golden flakes above a heated floor. These flakes are coarsely ground and fermented into a water mixture.

The rear façade of the Bisschopsmolen dates back to 1609 and the two master millers involved in the reconstruction left their names on the upper doors of the window just above the waterwheel.


Today, the mill is still used and visitors can see the grounding process. You can also enjoy fresh bread or pie from the bakery. Have a seat or just take some lunch to go.

Practical info.

Opening hours:
Monday: closed
Tuesday till Saturday: 09:00h – 18:00h
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Closed and special opening hours:
– Carnaval from Sunday till Tuesday
– Eastern (1st day) closed
– Eastern (2nd day) open from 10:00h – 17:00h
– Koningsdag (Kings Day) 27 April open from 10:00h – 17:00h
– Ascension Day open from 10:00h – 17:00h
– Pentecost (1st day) closed
– Pentecost (2nd day) open from 10:00h – 17:00h
– Christmas (1st and 2nd day) closed
– New Yearsday closed

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