In the basement of Hotel Derlon is a small archeological museum. You can see an important excavation from Roman time.

Roman sanctuary.

In 1983 the hotel was rebuild and the archeological department of the city had the possibility to do research at the site. At approximately 5 to 6 meters below the current street level they found the remains of a pre-Roman road, a Roman sanctuary and part of a Roman Castellum. They decided to exhibit the remains at the location where they were found.


The exhibition.

Some examples of the exhibition:

  • a little road dating from before the common era (Celtic?)
  • a well (app 200 AD)
  • the front of a sanctuary with entrance gate (2nd century AC)
  • inner court of a temple
  • part of the base of the Jupitar pillar. Orininally this pillar was nearly 10 m hight. It was a monument for the God Jupiter.
  • Remains of walls and the entrance gate of the late Roman Castellum (333 AC)
Basement Hotel Derlon

Also some Roman findings are displayed, inclduing pottery, glassware and metal objects. You can see an animal shaped spout of a jug.

Only a few parts of the Jupiter pillar are left.
Museum Hotel Derlon

Practical info:

The entrance to the museum in the basement of the hotel is free of charge. Just ask at the bar if you can see the museum. Normally it’s no problem, but try to avoid the mornings when breakfast is served.

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