The modern wellness complex features several sauna’s and bathes and you are most welcome for delightful wellness treatments such as massages, hammam and body treatments.


The indoor and outdoor pool are connected and have a comfortable water temperature of 31°C. In the evening hours, nature films are projected on the wall. In combination with (under water) background music, this gives a relaxing atmosphere.

After using the sauna, it is good practice to cool down your body. First go outside for some fresh air, no matter what the outdoor temperature is. Thereafter, you take a cold shower and a dip in the cold tub.

Now your body is cooled down, it is nice to use the warm tub with water temperature of 36°C.

For total relaxation, we recommend the whirlpool. Let your mussles and joints relax. Or enjoy the steambath which stimulates the blood circulation and has a moisturising effect.

Last but not least, there is a herbal bath. A great treat for your body. Again the water temperature is nice and warm and the herbs will help you relax to the max.

Outdoor pool, 31°C


You can choose from 4 different saunas.
There is a Löyly sauna, the traditional Finnish sauna.

Further there is a salt crystals sauna. The salt crystals from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan have a purifying effect.

A serene place to relax and de-stress

The bio herbs sauna is a humid steam sauna with light therapy. The different colors of the light influence our body and mind.

And the fourth sauna is an infrared cabin. The infrared heat has a very positive effect on the muscles and is often used to releave muscle pain.

Bio herbs sauna with light therapy, 70 °C


Thermen Born offers a whole “menu” of massages to choose from. Here is short list with some examples: classic massage, hot stone massage, foot reflex massage, aroma massage, etc. Too much to mention all.

Total Relaxation

Next to the massages, you can have diverse beauty treatments, facials, packs and peelings.

It is even possible to experience an hamam treatment. This is an ancient Arabic ritual including pooring hot water, a peeling with special glove (Kese), soap foam massage, algae packing and finally body lotion. You will end up with a clean and soft skin and feel like reborn.

Hamam treatment

Practical info.

Day ticket: 26.00 euro
Evening ticket (after 17:30h): 19.50 euro

Opening hours:
Daily from 11:00h to 23:00h
Closed on January 1st (New Years Day).

Book your day ticket, treatment or massage online or by phone.
You are welcome to bring your own bath robe, towel and slippers, but they have paid amenities available at the reception as well.
Check out the website for more practical info and prices.

There is a free parking next to the hotel.

Amrâth Hotel & Thermen Born – Sittard
Langereweg 21
6121 SB, Born
Tel.: +31-(0)46-4851666