Alfa is a small independent brewery that exists since 1870. It is managed by the 4rth generation of the family Meens. They only use natural ingredients and 100% spring water from their own Alfa spring. Quality and taste are key.

100% Spring water.

Alfa is the only brewery in the Netherlands that has officially recognised spring water. The spring water meets the strictest Dutch governmental provisions. The Alfa Spring is located at a depth of 152 metres in the Limburg marl rocks. The water is 6000 years old and pure and clear to such an extent it is placed directly into the brew kettle.

Alfa brewery in Schinnen, Limburg


You can visit the tasting room and spring house of the brewery. In the atmospheric tasting room you experience the geniality of Limburg at its best and also the refined quality and the unique taste of the various Alfa beers. During the guided tour you will see the brewery museum with historic equipment, brewery material and the first lager barrel from 1870.

The program takes approximately 2.5 hours and includes:

  • Reception with coffee/tea and Limburg vlaai (pie) in our tasting room.
  • Latest movie with historical images about the Alfa Brewery and the current preparation process of the Alfa Beer can be seen on a 7 metres wide screen in the cinema near the museum.
  • Brief overview of the history of the brewery with a visit to the Alfa Spring.
  • Tour of several departments with explanation about the brewing process.
  • Tasting of our Alfa Beers with savoury snacks.
  • Nice gift on departure.
Tasting room, Alfa Brewery

Practical info.

Price: 9.75 euro

Visits need to be reserved online or by phone.

Thull 15
6365 AC, Schinnen
Tel: +31-(0)46-44 32 888